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Sodium Bicarbonate
Raw materials

Sodium bicarbonate is a raw material extensively used in the animal feed industry.

In ruminant nutrition, NaHCO3 provides a source of bicarbonate that increases the buffering capacity of the rumen and stabilizes the ruminal pH. NaHCO3 prevents the acidification of the ruminal pH especially when high amounts of concentrate feed are consumed or when animals are subjected to environmental stressors such as heat stress.

In poultry and pig diets, NaHCO3 provides an alternative source for sodium and is effective for the optimization of the electrolyte balance. In broilers and layers, NaHCO3 has been found to improve production performance, especially in environmentally stressful conditions such as heat stress. An optimized electrolyte balance in pig diets has been associated with improved feed intake, digestibility and productive performance.

Chemical Specifications:

  • Sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3 – Min 99.30 %
  • Sodium, Na+2 – Min 27 %



  • 25 kg – laminated PP bags
  • 1000 kg – big bags
  • bulk

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