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Nuvisol Hatch
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Improves day-old chick quality and growth by ensuring optimal nutrient supply

Nuvisol Hatch

Nuvisol Hatch is a water-soluble supplement specifically developed to improve chick quality. It optimizes nutrient use from the yolk sac and increases the supply of essential nutrients to stimulate the immune response, promote better growth and reduce mortality.

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The first week of a broilers’ life is of vital importance for its future growth and performance. During these first days, the yolk sac lipids are the primary source of energy needed for maintenance and growth. Also, although crucial for their well-being and productivity, day-old chicks have very little reserves of water-soluble vitamins. Vitamins play a role in numerous metabolic processes linked to the fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism ultimately supporting growth and production. In addition, stress, vaccination, illness, etc. … increase the demand for these nutrients and make vitamin supplementation even more desirable.

Nuvisol Hatch is especially designed to support the chicks during their first days in life. By combining a range of vitamins and semi-essential nutrients, Nuvisol Hatch supports young chicks in utilizing the yolk sac content and ensures an excellent start to life for the hatchling.

Nuvisol Hatch is a drinking water supplement allowing a flexible and fast way of supplementing nutrients to the chicks. As hatchlings will start drinking more easily than they will start eating, supplementation through the drinking water is the safest and most effective method for broiler chicks.

Nuvisol Hatch’s key distinguishing benefits:

  • Optimizes energy and nutrient utilisation
  • Guarantees vitamin supply
  • Helps to overcome stress and disease
  • Promotes growth
  • Reduces mortality

Nuvisol Hatch’s key distinguishing properties:

  • Quick and flexible administration through drinking water
  • Assured intake
  • Proven reliability

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