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Improves P digestibility for better performance

Phosphorus is an essential mineral for all animals and plays a major role in several biological processes such as cell metabolism and growth, energy utilization and bone mineralisation. In cereal grains, phosphorous is stored as phytic acid or phytate. Monogastric animals are unable to utilize P from phytic acid or phytate, as they lack endogenous phytase.

To ensure monogastrics absorb enough phosporous from the provided diet, expensive inorganic phosphorous is added to animal feed often in excess of their requirements. This leads to the excretion of the surplus phosporous via manure which causes environmental issues.  Addition of phytase to the diets of monogastric animals is therefore widely used to increase the P-digestibility and reduce the P-excretion in the manure. Furthermore, phytase can also improve the availability of amino acids and energy and other minerals like Ca, Zn, Fe and Cu.

Nutrase P is a unique bacterial 6-phytase that efficiently releases phosphate from phytate and reduces the need for phosphate addition in the feed.

Nutrase P’s key distinguishing benefits:

  • Better utilisation of plant phosphorous
  • Less Phosphates to be added in the feed
  • Less P-pollution of the environment
  • Boosts growth and feed efficiency
  • Lowers feed cost

Nutrase P’s key distinguishing properties:

  • Flexible feed formulation
  • Cheaper feed formulation
  • Super dosing gives additional effects

Product availability and supported claims may vary by country, please contact us for more information.