Nutrase® | Enzymes


Improves gut health, performance and lowers feed costs


The Nutrase brand represents Nutrex’s application experience in feed enzyme technology and offers a tool kit to suit your needs to improve feed digestibility, to reduce feed costs, and to increase nutrient and energy usage.

Put the best in, get the most out!

Wheat, corn and barley are major ingredients in animal feeding, providing production animals with essential nutrients and energy for growth and maintenance. However, a considerable portion of the carbohydrate fraction present in these grains is made up of poorly digestible components classified as non‑starch polysaccharides (NSP), of which arabinoxylan (AX) is the main constituent. Due to their location and abundance in plant material, AX can cause a considerable reduction of feed digestibility, while in some diets it also increases wet droppings. NSP enzymes are widely used in animal production for their capacity to increase feed digestibility and to decrease the anti-nutritional effects of certain carbohydrates.

Central in our NSP enzyme range is an endo-xylanase with a superior capacity to efficiently degrade both soluble and insoluble arabinoxylans. Combined with a near‑neutral pH optimum this ensures maximum time and efficacy for optimal enzyme activity in the GI-tract.

This combination results in :

  • a better liberation of nutrients, and a stronger reduction of digesta viscosity and wet litter
  • increased production of prebiotics in the GIT to support the development of the beneficial microflora and help maintain a healthy gut

Thanks to these unique characteristics, Nutrase NSP enzymes are able to strongly boost performance and reduce production costs in all cereal‑based diets, regardless whether they’re based on corn, wheat or other cereals, and from start to finish in monogastrics and in aquaculture.

Nutrase® P

Phosphorus is an essential mineral for all animals and plays a major role in several biological processes such as cell metabolism and growth, energy utilization and bone mineralisation. In cereal grains, phosphorous is stored as phytic acid or phytate. Monogastric animals are unable to utilize P from phytic acid or phytate, as they lack endogenous phytase.

To ensure monogastrics absorb enough phosporous from the provided diet, expensive inorganic phosphorous is added to animal feed often in excess of their requirements. This leads to the excretion of the surplus phosporous via manure which causes environmental issues.  Addition of phytase to the diets of monogastric animals is therefore widely used to increase the P-digestibility and reduce the P-excretion in the manure. Furthermore, phytase can also improve the availability of amino acids and energy and other minerals like Ca, Zn, Fe and Cu.

Nutrase P is a unique bacterial 6-phytase that efficiently releases phosphate from phytate and reduces the need for phosphate addition in the feed.

Nutrase® BXP

Nutrase BXP is a blend of enzymes, containing endo-xylanase, β-glucanase, α-amylase and 6-phytase activities. This multi-enzyme complex is developed to guarantee an optimal digestibility of feed and supply of nutrients, and to improve gut health in production animals. The endo-xylanase and β-glucanase activities reduce the anti-nutritional effects of arabinoxylan and β-glucan. In addition, α-amylase supports the digestion of starch and the phytase releases phosphate from phytate.

Nutrase BXP is ideal for use in feed for young animals and feed containing several grain or grain by-products. It allows the feed mill to use only one enzymatic complex and to make feed production easier and reduce feed cost.

Nutrase’s key distinguishing benefits:

  • Boosts growth and feed efficiency
  • Promotes a healthy gut
  • Increases digestibility
  • Improves litter quality
  • Lowers feed cost

Nutrase’s key distinguishing properties:

  • Effective in all rations using corn, wheat or other cereals
  • Optimal activity in neutral pH
  • Outstanding stability during pelletizing and storage

Product availability and supported claims may vary by country, contact us for more information.