Y-MOS | Immunomodulators


Support the immune system to optimize gut health


Y-MOS is a feed supplement developed to boost performance by improving the gut’s digestive and barrier function, decreasing inflammation and optimizing the intestinal microbiota.

The first line of defense

To ensure optimal animal performance, a healthy gut is key. Besides assuring effective digestion and nutrient absorption, the gut must also provide an effective barrier and immune response against pathogens and toxins.

However, modern production systems expose animals to a myriad of stress factors throughout their life cycle. These stress factors, such as pathogens, toxins, heat stress, vaccinations, feed quality and feed transitions, can lead to an imbalance between the intestinal integrity, the microbiota and the immune system. As a result, digestion and absorption of nutrients become ineffective and more nutrients are used by the immune system, at the expense of the zootechnical performance.

Optimal gut health depends on the mucosal immune system1, the microbial population2, the intestinal integrity3 and their interactions4. Under ideal conditions, these components are in balance and most dietary nutrients are directed towards growth and production.

Y-MOS is a natural feed additive, derived from baker’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), consisting of β-glucans, mannan oligosaccharides (MOS) and nucleotides. It improves performance by strengthening the immune system, optimizing the intestinal microbiota and supporting the intestinal integrity.




Y-MOS’ key distinguishing benefits:

  • Improves performance
  • Modulates the intestinal microbiota
  • Increases resistance against pathogens
  • Increases intestinal integrity
  • Strategic component in ABF production

Y-MOS’ key distinguishing properties:

  • Easy-to-use free-flowing powder
  • Thermostable
  • Consistent quality

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