Prevent costly inflammatory responses

Improve feed efficiency

Boost animal performance

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Endotoxin reducer

Unique, highly innovative feed additive that boosts growth and production performance by improving nutrient and energy usage due to a prevention of endotoxin-induced inflammatory responses.

  • Unique & innovatie feed additive
  • Improving nutrient & energy use
  • Protecting from negative endotoxin effects

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Experiencing any of these problems?

Experiencing negative effects on health, reduced production performance and reproductive health with no explainable cause? Do you recognize the specific problems here below? It is very likely that these costly effects are related to endotoxins.

  • Chickens with watery droppings
  • Chickens with little appetite
  • Decreasing laying rate
  • Poor eggshell quality
  • Cows with unexplainable diarrhea
  • Cows with reduced feed intake
  • Lower milk yield and high somatic cell count
  • Laminitis
  • Pigs with diarrhea
  • Pigs that don’t eat enough
  • Ear and tail necrosis
  • Sows with lacking milk production

EndoBan® helps to

prevent costly inflammatory responses improve feed efficiency boost animal performance

EndoBan combines 2 essential strategies


EndoBan removes endotoxins from the gut


EndoBan stimulates the animals’ defense system in the gut to neutralize endotoxins and support a healthy gut barrier 


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Endotoxins explained

Location endotoxins in bacteria


Endotoxins are always and everywhere present. They are toxic compounds from bacterial origin. Their main goal is to protect bacteria, but when the bacteria dies, the endotoxins are released. The most well-known endotoxin is LPS. Learn more about Endotoxins

Gut lumen


Bacteria are everywhere, so endotoxins are in the air, dust, drinking water,… The highest levels, however, are present in the lumen of the gut. When low levels of LPS are present, the immune system can usually handle the situation. Harm will be caused when LPS levels in the gut start to rise and/or when gut permeability increases.

gut permeability leakage of endotoxins

What happens?

On the one hand, antibiotic treatments and feed transitions are known to cause elevation of LPS level in the gut. On the other hand, events such as heat stress, mycotoxins, pathogens and weaning have a negative impact on the gut permeability, promoting leakage of endotoxins. Once LPS reaches the bloodstream through the gut barrier the endotoxins trigger inflammatory responses. Read more on inflammation.

inflammation demands energy that's not used for growth

What’s the result?

Inflammatory reactions are very energy and nutrient-consuming. All this critical energy will be used to fight the inflammation and will no longer be available for necessary growth. The result will be a lower feed intake and efficiency, leading to reduced production performance and reproductive health, while it can also make animals more susceptible for diseases and other issues.

We recommend EndoBan as prevention & when gut health is compromised or in the below risk situations


  • Use of antibiotics
  • During heat stress
  • Mycotoxin contamination in feed
  • Presence of pathogens
  • Use of high-fat diets
  • For hens housed in cage-free systems
  • At the onset of lay
  • Presence of fatty liver


  • Use of antibiotics
  • During heat stress
  • Mycotoxin contamination in feed
  • Presence of pathogens
  • Use of a diet high in rapidly fermentable carbohydrates (SARA)
  • Transition period
  • Around weaning
  • Presence of fatty liver


  • Use of antibiotics
  • During heat stress
  • Mycotoxin contamination in feed
  • Presence of pathogens
  • Use of high-fat diets
  • Transition from gestation to lactation feed
  • Around weaning

Product availability and supported claims may vary by country, contact us for more information.

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